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Ducklings Room – August Update

We celebrated Sam’s 3rd Birthday this month. We welcome James and Ken into the Ducklings Room this month. We say good bye to Blake who has moved up to the Busy Bees Room.

Over the past month we have been learning about farm animals. Sue setup a large farmhouse area in the room with an assortment of farm animals. We have been singing Old Mc Donald Had A Farm, and the children would name the different animals on the farm. Sue made a tractor for the children to sit on and pretend to drive. All the children are enjoying this experience, as it is teaching them turn taking skills.

The children have enjoyed exploring the doll and babies area we setup with a porta cot, stroller, bouncer, dolls and dolls clothes, babies bottles. The children have been learning to dress and undress the babies, feed the babies and then put them to bed.

The children have been doing self serve for meal times for the last few months. The children are learning that when they have finished what is in their bowl they are able to scoop more food from the large bowl in the middle of the table into their own bowl. This is encouraging independence and self help skills.

We are going to start talking to the children about Australian Native Animals and also learn some Australian Animal Songs like: Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree. We are going to have an Incursion on the Friday 4th September ‘Wild Action’ from 11-11;30 AM. We will also incorporate books about Australian Animals like Wombat Stew for grouptime.

Over the next month we will be working on Father’s Day activities and make something special for all our Dad’s and Special Friends. We are having a Father’s Day Morning Tea on the Friday the 4th of September from 8:30-10 am. The educators and children will provide a morning tea of fruit, slices and other food for everyone to enjoy.

We are asking our parents for Term Three to become “toilet training term” We would like to start all of our children who are currently not trained to commence. We ask parents to start thinking about beginning it at home so we can work together and have all of our Duckling children toilet trained by Christmas. If all the children are doing it together here and the parents consistently do it also at home we will succeed.

Thankyou Duckling Staff.

Julie, Sue, Jenny and Tracy.