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Tiny Tots – August Update

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a special guest come in on alternative Monday/Wednesdays;  his name is Adrian and he is from Mini Maestros. Adrian comes in and sings songs with the children also incorporating other musical instruments, the children have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and being able to express themselves through music and movement.

As a result of this interest in music, we have introduced short group times with the children introducing instruments, puppets, music and also other props while also setting up a music area for the children to sit down with the head phones where they can listen to soft calming music and also favourite children’s songs.

We would like to wish Ava a big happy 2nd birthday for the 4 the of July, while also welcoming back Madeline and family from their family trip to Europe.

The tiny tot’s room would like to say a big welcome to our new addition to the babies room Ella and welcome back Jenny from maternity leave.

The children are really starting to grow and develop with many children beginning to achieve major milestones including beginning to walk and talk.

The children are now beginning to interact more with each other instead of solitary play, they are learning to chase each other, dance with each other and also be gentle with each other by giving cuddles which we are strongly encouraging as they begin to form friendships and are still learning how to express their emotions and interact with the younger babies.

Due to the cold weather and wet days we still are asking parents to bring extra clothes including socks and shoes and also warm jackets and beanies.

Throughout the last few weeks the children have been experiencing a lot of nappy rashes. We ask parents to please provide some nappy cream when your child is suffering from bad nappy rash.

We would like to thank all the families for their kind donations on our red nose dress up day. The babies’ room also got to enjoy a fun and muddy mud day where we went into our friends the duckling’s room where we got to interact in play with the educators within the room especially the educator Sue jumping and digging in the mud it was so much fun.

We have 2 children moving up from babies to the ducklings room James and ken we would like to say have lots and lots of fun and make sure you still come in to give us cuddles and say hello to your friends in the tiny tots.

Kind regards and many thanks Brooke , Jaz and Mariam