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Kinder – December Update

Wow!!! Who can believe the year is nearly over. As we near the end of Term 4 we have been reflecting on the children’s kinder year with them. The children have been discussing what they have learned during the year, what they have and haven’t liked about kinder and also the friends that they have made. This has been an interesting experience as it has helped us as educators reflect on the year from the children’s point of view and has begun the process of planning for 2016.

During Term 4 the children have been continuing their preparation for school. We have been focusing on the children maintaining their concentration skills and getting them to participate in group times by standing in front of the group and talking to their friends. As they have been attending school orientation we have been encouraging the children to tell their friends what they did.

The children began learning about recycling and pollution. During recycling week in November we provided the children with recycled materials and gave them the opportunity to explore their creative side using these resources. The children enjoyed making musical instruments using the boxes and egg cartons. This also extended on their interest in music and rhythm which we had been discussing with the earlier in the term. After discussing pollution with the children and explaining the effects that it has on the environment, the children along with their educators came up with the decision to turn the lights off in the room during bright sunny days and when we are outside.

On Tuesday 24th November the children participated in an excursion to Circus Spot. They walked around to Circus spot and were very keen to participate. They learnt how to jump up and land properly by bending their knees. The children played a few games and then got split into groups. One group did some juggling skills with scarves while the other group learnt to hola hoop. They then swapped before having a 10 minuute break while the Trapeze and obstacle course where set up. Everybody had a turn on the Trapeze (even Louise and Katie). The children jumped from trampolines to mats and also swung from a mat to another my using a rope.

Happy 5th Birthdays go out to Harriet, Lucy, Harris, Nicholas, Oliver, Tiyaan, Yohan and Indigo. We hope they enjoyed their special days celebrating with their friends.

Thank you to everyone who has helped within the kinder room during the year.

To all the families who will be leaving the centre at the end of the year we wish you all the best and hope the children have a fantastic time at school. To all the families who will be returning in 2016 we look forward to seeing you again in the New Year. We wish all our families a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Belinda, Naz and Katie.