Our team

At Derby Street, we employ educators who are passionate about children and their rights, and who educate all children to reach their full potential. Many of our educators have more than ten years’ experience in the early childhood field. Regular training and attendance at early childhood education forums means all members of staff are performing at their optimum.
All our educators hold a qualification in early childhood:

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood- 4 year university qualification (currently 2 are employed)
  • Diploma of Community Services Childcare – 2 year TAFE qualification ( currently 16 are employed)
  • Certificate III in Children Services (minimum required to work in early childhood) – 1 year TAFE qualification (currently 3 are employed )

It is the Centre’s aim to employ educators who hold a Bachelor or Diploma in Early Childhood. We encourage all our educators to reflect on current knowledge and practices and to continue to gain new knowledge.

We are privileged to have educators who are bilingual in Hindi, Greek, Bangoli, Korean, Singhala, Indonesian, Urdu, Mandarin Kurdish and Persian.

Meet the Team

Louise Profile Picture

Artwork by: Maggie [4yo]


Centre Director

Louise holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Degree and commenced at the Centre in 1998 with many years experience in the early childhood Field.

Julie Profile Picture

Artwork by: Maggie [4yo]


Assistant Director

Julie holds a Diploma in Children Services (Child Care) and has been employed at the Centre since 1996. Julie has a vast amount of years experience in the early childhood field.

Despina Profile Picture

Artwork by: Mary [5 yo]



The Centre employs our own cook (Despina) to cater for the children’s food requirements throughout the day. The Centre cook has Food Safety Level I and II qualifications. Despina has worked at the Centre since 2004.

Management Committee

Management Committee Profile Picture

Artwork by: Emma, Alistair, Jack, Maggie, Isabella, Ethan, Hugo & Christian [4yo]

The volunteer Management Committee consists of up to Twelve parents of children enrolled at the Centre (or approved members of the community).

The Management Committee are responsible for maintaining a viable service; employing staff; policy development for the Centre; financial management; representing the interests of all the Centre’s users and working actively with the Director in implementing the National Quality Standards.

Of the Twelve members, there are five Executive Officers elected:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer

The Management Committee is committed to employing educators who are suitably qualified for their individual roles, motivated, passionate about children and their rights, caring and professional.