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Busy Bees – December Update

Firstly we would like to wish the following friend very happy magical birthdays, Gabby, Humza, Cillian and Max, Isa, we hope you have lots of fun on your special day!

Over the past few weeks we a few of the children have been very expressive and creative in their construction ideas. We have seen tall towers, aeroplane hangars, roads, supermarkets and even the ring road! We have enjoyed asking the children many questions about their constructions and have been delighted to hear the stories, explanations and ideas about each child’s point of view while they have been engaged in play.

Socially we have seen friendships blossoming with different peers and already established friendships being extended on by each child’s knowledge and ideas that they bring into the construction area. The children have become very involved with acting out small imaginative play scenarios in their buildings/constructions. All sort of media/resources have been used to represent various elements, such as fabric for water, sticks and stones as trees and scenery, smaller blocks as the children’s houses, dog houses and supermarkets. It’s amazing to see how this creativity has bloomed.

While all of this has been happening we have been talking to the children about where they live, where Derby St is located, house numbers and even using the iPad to show the children Derby st and Sharni’s and Heidi’s house on google maps.

During recycling week the children helped to paint and design a small representation of our city of Melbourne and alongside it pictures of some land marks, the Melbourne zoo, the MCG, the art spire and federation square. Some of the children have been able to comment on these land marks and share their stories and journeys about when they have visited or seen the land marks.

We have started to show the children some maps of Pascoe vale and surrounding areas on the ipad and we were lucky to borrow a Melway from Julie P (Thanks Jules!) to show the children and explain how the map system works.
Linking in with maps and some interests of the children we have extended home corner to incorporate a pirate ship, dress ups and treasure maps!

As this is our last newsletter for 2015 we (Sharni, Heidi, Rola, Naze, Katrina, Grace, Katie and all the ladies who have worked in the room this year) would like to say a huge thank you to all of our families, parents and children for allowing us to be inspired, laugh, share stories of joy, mischief and occasionally problem solving with you, thank you for your support and most importantly allowing us to build friendship’s, help, guide, and grow with your children.

We hope you have a safe, fun, relaxing Christmas and holidays and we look forward to seeing you next year! And those families that are leaving us we hope you have positive new adventure’s and journeys!