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Busy Bees Room – August Update

Hello families,

First of all we would like to welcome our new friends Harris, Blake, Nila, Isla and Hamza in the busy bee’s room and we wish Harris and Nila a very happy 3rd birthday.

In the last couple of weeks, we have had such a great time in the busy bees room. We are taking every opportunity to go outside and explore our environment. The children are showing great interest in playing in puddles, mud, cleaning the trickle stream, enjoying playing with paper boats, watching clouds moving, developing rain, differentiating between black clouds and white clouds, talking about rainbows and most importantly, enquiring about why things happen?

Blossoms are emerging in our outdoor play area which attract the children and show us that Spring is almost here…

In the last few months, the busy bees children have explored magnetic shapes; connecting and making different dimensional objects from it and then extending their imagination to the next level by connecting the structures with other metal things which is great for their cognitive skills. They are making rockets, spaceship, car, and big buildings. This interest has led us to learning about Space and we are in the process of setting up a space area with cardboard rocket, kinetic sand with astronauts, rockets and spaceship. In the next 3 weeks, we will undertake different space related arts/craft activities with the children. We are currently collecting empty milk cartons for this project. Please bring in any empty milk containers you can spare. Your help is greatly appreciated.

On 4th of September we are organizing a morning tea for Father’s Day from 8.30am to 9.30 am. All Busy Bees Fathers, Grandads, Uncles or any special people are invited to join us to make that day special for your children.

We are also having an incursion at 11.30am on the 4th of September as part of our ongoing learning program about Australia. Some Australian native animals wil be brought in to show the Busy Bees children.


Sharni, Heidi,& Rolla