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Ducklings – December Update

Over the past month our duckling friends have been learning how to play in the supermarket, They play together buying the groceries and learning to pay for them with money. The dinosaur area has been explored by Thomas P, Will, Aidan, Thomas H and Ken. The children have also been learning how to cut paper with scissors. With practice they will learn to hold the scissors correctly and cut the paper into smaller pieces. The children have shown great interest in building with the duplo blocks, creating towers and rockets.

We have been spending a lot more time outdoors due to the warmer weather. The children have been learning how to water the plants with their watering cans. We have had the water trough in the sandpit, the children have had fun filling and scooping sand into the spinning wheels and the buckets.

For the rest of this year we will be exploring painting and making some Christmas art work and finalising the children’s portfolio’s.

We would like to congratulate all of our Duckling children who have been toilet training over the past few months: Will, Aidan, Nate, Michael, Sebastian, Iluka, Olive, Lakshan, Thomas P and Thomas J. They have been successful in learning to go to the toilet independently. Pulling down their underpants and pants/skirts then sit on the toilet. They have learnt to wipe themselves with toilet paper, flush the toilet then learn to wash their hands with soap and water then dry their hands with paper towel.

We celebrated Eliza’s and Grayson”s 3rd birthdays for October and in November we celebrated both Aidan’s and Nate’s 3rd birthdays. We have Violet. H, Mackenzie, Lucius and Michael birthdays for December. We wish all our Duckling children a very happy birthday.

The educators in the Ducklings Room: Julie J, Sue, Jenny, Grace and Tracy would like to wish all our families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year for 2016.