Our Vision

Together, we as a community nurture all of our children to reach their full potential and to become all that they can be.

childs hand holding a toy rhino
outdoor painting easle
scarecrow in the garden

Our Philosophy

  • Giving children opportunities to develop important skills, build knowledge, master tasks and face challenges, they feel competent.
  • Encouraging children to experience competence, they will gain confidence to navigate the world, think creatively, and recover from challenges.
  • Connecting with others, children develop an essential sense of belonging, enabling them to feel secure and protected; providing the reassurance that allows them to stand on their own, develop creative solutions and empathise with others.
  • Forging a fundamental sense of right and wrong, children with character enjoy a strong sense of acceptance, self-worth and confidence.
  • Contributing to their communities, children gain confidence, feel valued and are more competent.
  • Teaching children healthy strategies to cope effectively with life’s challenges, they are better prepared to overcome them.
  • Developing competence, confidence, and strong connections with others, children will learn to make wise choices and feel a sense of control.

Our Centre

Derby St Children’s centre provides an environment to encourage children to explore, create, grow and learn. We are fortunate to have wonderful educators and learning environments, enabling children to reach their full potential.