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Tiny Tots Room – June Update

Hello to all families

Birthday wishes: This month we celebrated Kens, Madeline, Ella-Grai, Zoe-Mai, Kaan, Angus and Ryan

Mother’s day was a very exciting time for the children, the children painted mother’s day presents, made special cards and participated in lots of cooking experiences. The children made rum balls and coconut cookies for all the beautiful mothers to have at morning tea; the children had lots of fun exploring with new ingredients.

This month the children were introduced to lots of new things. They painted with their fingers using a mirror and used paint brushed to do some outdoor painting on a glad wrap.
The children are getting exposed to play dough and play dough tools, while touching, feeling, smelling, tasting and poking the play dough the children are learning about their senses, to be patient whilst waiting for their turn and how to share and use the equipment.

The children also enjoyed watching and making roti bread with cheese and then enjoyed eating them for afternoon teaeven more.

This month the children have shown an interest in dancing and listening to music. Louise bought us a CD player to play music for the children and get them exposed to lots of physical dancing activities. The children will learn simple hand motions and new dance moves.

In the room, the children still enjoyed pretend cooking using the play food. The book area is used often during the day; the children would sit with the books in their tiny hands, flip the pages and look at the pictures. The Safari area was also a popular area this month; the children are learning and making all different animal sounds. The children displayed their creativity and imagination on the drawing wall; they got very messy whilst exploring finger painting on the mirror.

  • The Guinea pigs still need a home to go to on the weekend, so please let us know if you can provide them with a weekend home.
  • Please remember to bring jackets, beanie’s, shoes or gumboots for outdoor play.
  • We ask parents to provide their own nappy rash cream if your child is showing an alergy to standard creams.

Thank you.