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Ducklings Room – June Update

Firstly we want to let all our Duckling’s Parents know that Kamal and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby girl last month, her name is Anniya. They are both doing well and the baby is now at home.

We welcome Jenny back to the Ducklings Room after her maternity leave. Jenny will be working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Jenny will be alternating with Julie.J doing one week of early shift then one week of the late shift. On Thursday’s we will have Grace working in our room.

We welcome Fletcher and Kaan into the Ducklings Room. They are settling into the room, enjoying the experiences and playing alongside the other children.

Over the past month the children have been learning about the hungry caterpillar. Julie has been telling the story on the felt board. The children have been learning how to count the different pieces of fruit and all the other food the caterpillar eats. The children have learnt how the caterpillar goes to sleep in a cocoon and then wakes up as a butterfly.

The children have learnt the words to the song The Currant Bun Song. This song teaches them about counting, as we have 8 currant buns. It also teaches them turn taking skills, learning to give the learn to talk and communicate, telling us what flavour their currant bun tastes like.

The children have been exploring the hairdressing area, animal area, puzzles (counting fingers on both hands) Thomas puzzle and pasting assorted materials onto paper. The children explored golf ball painting which was lots of fun.

Over the past month the children have enjoyed music and movement: doing The Teapot Song (with actions), Dingle dangle scarecrow and Row row row your boat. We have also started to learn Ring o ring o rosie, which the children enjoy. Over the next month Julie will teach them a new song Three Jellyfish. The children will wear a jellyfish costume and sit on a chair. Then while singing the song they will come off the chair and at the end of the song go back up onto the chair.

We have purchased gumboots for the children to wear outdoors, so please remember now that it is winter can parents please pack extra clothing in their child’s bag for when they get wet or muddy.

We have setup a cleaning area in the room with a washing machine, clothes, clothesline, pegs, ironing board and iron. The children are learning how to peg up the clothes, washing the clothes and learning to iron.

Remember if there any activities or interests your child has and you would like us to set them up in our room please talk to the educators about this.


8 currant buns in the baker’s shop
Round and fat With a cherry on top
Along came (child’s name) with a dollar one day
Bought the currant bun And took it away.
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

After each one we ask each individual child what their currant bun tastes like. Most of the children say chocolate, some say strawberry, blueberry or apple.


3 jellyfish 3 jellyfish 3 jellyfish
Sitting on a rock
One fell off. Ohhh
2 jellyfish
1 jellyfish

3 jellyfish 3 jellyfish 3 jellyfish
All jumped back up
Yeah Yeah.