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Tiny Tots – October Update

Hello, it’s nearly end of the year and we’ve had a really busy month. A lot of our children have begun walking, standing up, crawling and also putting words together. It’s such an exciting experience watching all the children develop and grow so fast.

Due to the weather changing and it becoming hot outside we request parents to send spare short sleeve tops, and spare clothes as we get opportunity to have water play experiences outside. If you wouldn’t like your child to participate in water play please let the educators know.

During the spring season we made our new garden on the wall and our yard now looks beautiful with such pretty and colourful flowers. Our children help watering the garden in the morning.

We would like to wish Zeeshma a very happy 1st and our friend Grayson a happy 2nd birthday.

As all the families of the centre would have noticed the Tiny tots have had two very special guests in our room over last few months now, their names are ginger and spike our centre guinea pigs. The babies have absolutely loved the company of Ginger and Spike, and they have learnt to care for our animals by feeding them hay/grass, fruit and vegies and even special guinea pig treats. The guinea pigs have loved having the company of our tiny tots they are even beginning to follow our room routine falling asleep to the relaxing music at sleep time!

Anytime parents and families would like to have the guinea pigs visit for the weekend, please let us know and we will put your name down on the roster.

We would like to congratulate one of our educators, Jenny, who had a baby girl this month!

With many thanks Tiny tots staff