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Kinder – September Update

Hello Families,

We would like to wish both Charlie and Natalia a very happy birthday and hope that they enjoy their special days.

Who can believe that it is the end of Term 3 already? Term 3 has seen the children exploring natural resources and expressing themselves creatively through collage and clay.  They have enjoyed having the construction table in the room, where they are allowed to use real tools; hammers and nails, G Clamps, and spanners with old pieces of wood.  This has increased their hand eye coordination as they learn how to hammer nails into the wood.   We have also begun teaching the children how to count from 1 – 10 in Italian, Thai, Japanese, Bangoli, Arabic and German.  The children have also been engaging in memory games in the afternoon with Miriam and Kamal and Belinda has been running music sessions with the children where they all get an instrument and we explore the concepts of tones and beats.

We welcomed Tony the Turtle into the kinder room and the children love watching him develop his personality in the room with them.  The children help feed him and over the next few weeks will help with cleaning out Tony’s tank. If you haven’t had a chance to see him yet, please feel free to do so.

We have had some incursions happen which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.  We have begun preparing for Graduation and the children are going to be learning Bollywood dancing.  We introduced this to the children, and they loved dancing to the music.  We will continue this in Term 4. The children really enjoyed have the Essendon Kinder Carnival come to Derby Street.  The children engaged in different activities which tested their ball handling skills as well as the balancing skills.  A big inflatable jumping centre was set up and this was a particular favourite with all the children.  We will also be having a visit from a Princess next week who will be engaging the children in some magic tricks as well as some games.

We would like to give a big thank you to Sev Soler and Caerwen Martin who have generously volunteered their time on Fridays to come and read stories and teach the children about musical instruments.  The children have really enjoyed these sessions and we are grateful to have our parents come in and spend time with us.

Thank you to all the Dads who attended the Father’s Day morning tea.  It was a fantastic turn out.  It was great to see the dad’s interacting with the children and playing games such as hopscotch and hide and seek as well as climbing on the equipment and going down the slide.  The children had a fantastic time showing you what some of their favourite things to do in the kinder room are.

A couple of reminders for parents:

All library books were due back by Friday 19th September.  Unfortunately we have a lot of books which haven’t been returned and we won’t be borrowing any more books this term, as we need to make sure we have them all back in before the start of Term 4.

At the beginning of Term 4, Parents will be receiving their sections of the school transitions statements.  It is important that these get filled in and returned to Belinda no later than Friday 25th Of October.  These are a good opportunity for parents to provide information about their child from a home perspective. More information about this will follow shortly.

Important upcoming events:

  • Bollywood Dancing on Tuesdays and Fridays in Term 4
  • School Transition Statements to be returned by Friday 25th October.
  • Grandparents Day Monday 27th October
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews begin 17th November and conclude 28th November
  • Excursion to Werribee Zoo – Date yet to be confirmed
  • Graduation – Date yet to be confirmed

Thank you

Belinda, Kamal and Miriam