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Ducklings – October Update

Firstly, a very happy birthday to Dash, Edison, Addison and Holly, we hope you had very fun birthdays with your families and friends.

We would also like to congratulate Jenny and her partner on the arrival of her little baby girl. The staff in our room has changed slightly, to cover Jenny’s maternity leave we now have Grace who is familiar with our room and children as she was doing casual work for the centre.

Please see staff roster below:

  • Sharni – Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri
  • Heidi – All week except 2nd Friday’s RDO
  • Anu – Wed
  • Julie – Mon, Tue
  • Grace –Wed, Thur, Fri

Over the last few weeks we have had our student Sophie setting up some play spaces for the children, helping us with group times by using puppets, books and singing songs in both English and Mandarin. The children are enjoying the experiences that Sophie has set up for them, and the BBQ setting for outside is a huge hit with the children! We have seen the children building upon relationships, turn taking, problem solving, story telling and exploring creativity with each other.

Another play space that the children are enjoying is the Australian animal finger puppet area. The children have easily identified koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

The Ducklings children have been spending a lot of time exploring the great outdoors in our yard. Eddison, Amelia K, Dash, Zack I, Amelia P, Aralyn and Liam are becoming expert gardeners. Every day the children help to water the garden while educators talk and discuss the growth of the plants, show the children the new growth of leaves and flowers and look for insects and bugs.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be starting up our own small garden from seeds, we will be watching how a seed grows and develops and teaching children how to nurture and look after our plants. During this experience we will link in the development of plants through visual arts, books, discussions, posters and photographs. We aim for the children to begin to comprehend the importance of plants in our natural world and how plants provide habitats for insects and small animals, provide us with food and play a part in sustainability.

One very windy day the children found a small white egg, cracked on the ground, this sparked a natural curiosity about how the egg got there, where was the birds mum, where is the nest and will egg be ok. During most of that day educators and children spoke about birds and eggs hatching and it just so happened that later on in the week Ivy and her family were very kind and they shared with us a birds nest that they had found on the ground. Thank you for sharing with us.

Donations wanted:

We have found a rug weaving workshop that one of the ducking’s educators would like to attend. The work shop will teach us how to use recycled clothing and sheets to create beautiful hand woven rugs to use in the centre.

If parents/families have any unwanted clothing, fabric and/or sheets donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you =)