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Busy Bees – October Update

Firstly, we celebrated birthdays in September, Noah and Oliver.B celebrated their 4th birthday. In October we have been celebrating Amelia, Isabel, Indiana, Ella. V and Harriet’s 4th birthdays.

We’ve had a few children on holiday’s recently. Harriet enjoyed two weeks in Queensland, Ella.P went to London to visit her Grandma and Grandpa and Tiyaan is holidaying in Sri Lanka visiting his Grandparents. Ella. V is over in Vietnam visiting her Grandparents too.

Over the past month the children have been enjoying and exploring in the yellow submarine. The children have also learnt the song ‘We all live in a Yellow Submarine’. The children have continued learning the alphabet, learning the letters M, N, O and P. Next week we begin Q and finish the year with Z. We want to say thank you very much to Bec who came and read the book ‘The Golden Snail’, to the Busy Bee children on a Tuesday morning for group time. The children really enjoyed the story. We also want to wish Angus and his family all the very best with their move to Switzerland at the end of October. We have enjoyed playing and learning with Angus in the Busy Bees Room. All the children will miss him dearly.

The educators from both the Busy Bees and Kinder Rooms have setup a new outdoor program for the children to play and explore. We have setup spray painting onto large wooden see through easels, doll washing, box construction, pasting at the table on the veranda, train set & trains, coloured pegs & pegboards, insect & bug tent, drawing at the table, musical instruments area, construction, cooking area, doll’s houses with doll’s & furniture in the cubby house, book & puppet area on the decking with chairs to sit on, sandpit with shovels & diggers, the digging patch with small shovels and pots. We hope that the children will have lots of fun exploring and playing with all the different experiences outdoors.

In November, the Busy Bees Room we will be having the DERBY STREET TALENT SHOW. All the children are going to have the opportunity to sing and/or perform on our stage with a microphone, to songs of their own choice. The educators will be looking forward to seeing all of our talented children perform.

 Thankyou Busy Bee Staff: Sue and Julie.