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Busy Bees – September Update

Firstly we wish Isla a happy 4th birthday and Emily a happy 3rd birthday for the month of August. We also say good bye to our Busy Bee friend Georgia who has moved to Brisbane with her family. The children and educators will miss Georgia very much. We wish her family all the very best success with their move.

Over the past month in the Busy Bees room we have been playing with the wooden farm animals setup on the large table with the straw, rocks, grass mat and the farm house. The children learnt that the cow’s make milk, horses say “Neigh” and pigs roll in the mud.

Educators made a boat using recycled boxes. The children pasted newspaper onto the box and then painted it red. We made paddles and used fruit boxes for the seats, so the children could sit down in the boat. We taught the children the song ‘Row Row Row your Boat’, and other variations of this song. We then made a submarine for the children to explore and learn.

The children have been exploring 12 piece puzzles. Educators have taken photos of each of the three puzzles and laminated them to display on the table. The children have attempted to complete the puzzle independently. Many of the children have been able to complete the puzzles on their own.

The Busy Bee children were very busy making their Father’s Day gifts and cards for their father. The educators used recycled glass bottles, dyed sand, wool, pipe cleaners and glue. The educators traced the children’s feet and the children made handprints of their own hands as well. We wish all our Busy Bee Father’s a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday the 7th of September.

The children also learnt and explored how ice melts into water. The educators setup a trough with sea creatures: whales, dolphins, sea stars and sharks. We also added rocks and sea shells. We made large ice-cream containers of ice and the children were able to look, touch and see that the ice melted into water. This was our science experience for August and we have placed the information and photos into your child’s portfolio for parent to see.

For grouptimes we have continued learning the letters of the alphabet, learning K, L, M and next will be N, O, P and Q. We revise all the letters from A to M every afternoon and the children are able to recite objects, children’s names or things starting with that particular letter. Many of the children are now able to sing ‘My Pidgeon House’ , independently in front of all their peers.

Just a reminder that Spring is now here so please remember that your child needs to be wearing a sunhat and sunscreen when outside in the playground. If your child requires a special sunscreen please provide this LABELLED SUNSCREEN TO THE EDUCATORS IN THE ROOM. Now that the warmer weather is here we remind parents to provide a few changes of clothes, as the children do get dirty and wet with play experience outdoors and the centre doesn’t have a large amount of spare clothes. It is also helpful to provide a spare pair of shoes as your child may require to change them if they get wet or muddy.

The children have been enjoying looking through their own portfolio’s, seeing all their achievements. It’s great to see the changes, achievements, friendships they have made and fun they have had.

Thank you Busy Bee Staff: Sue, Julie, Lisa and Amina.