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Ducklings – September Update

Firstly we would like to wish a magical birthdays to our friend Dashiel and Amelia k.

This month we visited the kinder room on a number of occasions to have a play in the kinder yard and veranda. Ducklings children love to explore the yard, the big slide, climbing equipment’s and the cubby house where kinder had a sailing boat experience set up. Max, Banjo and Liam turn to be a pirate and used the telescope to watching around and we enjoyed watching them to expand their imagination through play.

Most of the children are enjoying feeding and playing with guinea pigs. Specially Holly, Gabby and Edison. Tony (The Turtle) from kinder being visited us on number of occasion, the children love to touch and hold Tony.

In the last few weeks, the weather has been very kind to us and we were able to take the children outside and stay longer. With a lot of effort and discussion we are in the process to giving a new look to our outdoor area, we are working on it and soon we can setup our yard according to the plan.

Many parents have noticed we are working on changing the room around at the moment. The children have been engaged and showing their interest in imaginative experiences. We have set up some areas like a ‘Doctor’s area’ for Holly, Amelia k and especially for Dashiel, a ‘Dragon area’ for Edison and Dashiel, Trains for Zach E, Triston and Zach I, Play dough for Max, Liam & Ivy and Lego for Tobias, Banjo and Santi considering their interests in imaginative play.

In the end we would like to say a big thank you to Kellie-Anne (Edison mum) and Danielle (Santiago mum) who brought books and show cards from home for us to read at group time. We are very thankful to the parents for bringing in their children’s favourite book from home to share with us.

Jenny would like to thank all the ducklings parents and my derby street co- workers for helping and supporting me over my pregnancy. I will take 1 year maternity leave from 20th of October, so 17th of October will be my last day of work at Derby Street.

Once again thank you to all the Ducklings families for their support and Guidance.

Sharni, Heidi & Jenny