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Tiny Tots – September Update

What beautiful spring weather we have been experiencing which has allowed us to spend a lot more time engaged in play outdoors! We have planted a vertical garden on our fence with a variety of flower and herb seedlings. We are beginning to assist with watering our floor plants with our watering cans and mirroring our educators during this experience! We are so proud to help!

Also due to the nicer weather we have decided that we will be offering the children some extra time outdoors after lunch when the weather is permitting. The children have settled into this new routine beautifully, loving the time they have to learn and discover before their afternoon nap!

We have also been focusing on our independence skills. As educators, we feel so proud when we notice the children sharing, passing toys to each other, taking turns and helping each other in times of sadness and offering cuddles to their peers. The toddlers have been fantastic at comforting our younger Tint Tots.

We have also included a self-help shelf within our room, which is set up between our two activity tables. This is full of exciting fine motor and cognitive activities. This offers choice and encourages decision making within our room. It also allows children to develop their skills in packing up and placing activities back onto the shelf. The tiny Tots have been a great help during packing up times, always eager to assist!!

There are several new areas set up in our room based on observation and children’s interests! Such activities include musical instrument area, train and train track table, art area and also a tea set and tea pot area. The children are enjoying having a variety of dramatic play areas within their room!

We would also like to say thank you to our student Kirra who has been providing excellent learning experiences for out Tiny Tot friends during her time with in our room!