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We want to wish our Busy Bee friends a Happy 4th Birthday to Dante and Louis. Happy 3rd Birthday to Henry for the month of May. We want to remind our parents to bring in their family photo for our Family Tree display. Can parents please make sure their child has more spare clothes in their bag, as Winter has now arrived, the children do get wet or muddy and we don’t have many spare clothes for them to wear. Also beanies are a good idea to wear when we go outside.

Over the past month the children in the Busy Bees Room have been exploring our rocket. The children have been talking and learning about the stars, planets and the moon. We have also setup a cleaning area with ironing boards, irons, vaccum cleaners, clothes line with pegs and clothes for the children to learn how to hang the clothes. We have taught the children the song ’10 Currant Buns’, using the material props for the children to use. We have taught the children the alphabet letters ‘F’, ‘G’ AND NOW ‘H’. We encourage our Parents to spend some time at home finding objects/ things that start with the letter ‘H’. We have introduced “Leader Of The Day” at the end of May and all the children will have an opportunity to be a leader. This involves your child helping with grouptimes, maybe singing some songs, choosing a book for the educator to read, setting up the tables for mealtimes, sending their friends to the bathroom to wash their hands before meals. This is recorded and photos taken then placed into your child’s portfolio for you to keep.

We welcome Emily from the Ducklings Room who has started orientation and say goodbye to Myla who will be moving up to the Kinder Room this month.

Over the next month we will be setting up a Post Office, this will encourage the children to talk & communicate to one another, encourage their writing skills and learn all about stamping and mailing letters. We will be teaching the children The Pidgeon Song , we will continue learning the letters of the alphabet. The children will be exploring clay, learning to mould and create special things with the clay. The rainbow number snake puzzle, hammering with coloured wooden shapes and tap tap nails.