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Hello families,

We begin by wishing Daniel F, Felix, Christian, Zeina, Deniz, Tara, Lucy, Zoe, Angus, Daniel G and Zane all Happy 5th Birthdays and Xavi a Happy 4th Birthday and we hope that they all enjoyed their special days and celebrating it with their friends.

During the month of May we engaged in Healthy Eating Month with the children. The children had visits from a local Dentist who spoke about healthy eating and looking after our teeth. The children also participated in an Incursion run by Connie from Yoga Fun. The children were split into two groups to participate in this experience. Each group participated in a 1/2hr yoga session. Connie (the yoga instructor) explained to the children that they were going on a special adventure to the jungle with their special friends in the middle (which were stuffed jungle animals).

Connie then engaged the children in their journey through the jungle where they went through “tall trees” and saw “colourful birds” and “monkeys in trees”. The children continued and found a “yoga lion” and jumped on a “crocodile surf board” which went “falling down a waterfall”. The children learnt to manipulate their bodies to allow them to do some basic yoga moves. They learnt to use yoga as a relaxation technique as well as to use as a way to wake up in the morning.

We spoke about our bodies and discussed out organs and bones and the importance of them. We read books about the brain, lungs, heart and bones and then identified our organs and bones with the help of Sally Torso and Steve the Skeleton. The children also helped to make healthy food pyramids and were able to identify what where healthy and non-healthy foods.

We have had Ling a Student from Melbourne University with us in the room for the past few weeks and as part of her placement she introduced the children to the topic of space. She spoke to them in depth about planets and satellites and taught them to identify the different planets through the use of books, pictures and songs. Ling engaged the children in a learning experience where they were able to make their own rockets and space packs as well as space stations using recycled materials. The children enjoyed learning about gravity and space and how astronauts live on space stations and eat and drink.

We currently have two of our parents volunteering their time in the room on Fridays. Each week the children are engaged in Story reading with Sev Soler or a Music session with Caerwen Martin. The children are enjoying being exposed to different types of musical instruments as well as having different stories told to them. Please remember if you would like to volunteer your time in the room you are very welcome to do so!!! You don’t necessarily have to have particular skills to volunteer as we always have things to do and the children really just love having their parents in the room with them.

Important Dates to remember for Kinder:

  • Monday 14th July Term three commences
  • Responsible Pet Program Thursday 17th July.

Please remember that although the cooler weather is upon us we still go outside (weather permitting) with the children so could you please ensure they come to kinder with Jackets and beanies to help keep them warm.

Thank You

Belinda, Kamal and Naz