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Hello to all our families in the Duckling’s room

Firstly we would like to welcome James to his new room, I am sure you will enjoy spending time with the other children in the Duckling’s room. We celebrated his 2nd birthday on 4th of June and Mikayla’s birthday 19th of June.

This month, the children took advantage of the nice weather and were kept busy outside exploring their environment. They spent a lot of time digging in the digging patch and collecting worms for our worm farm. They also had lots of fun watering the plants and learning how to work cooperatively and share as they took turns holding the hose. Those activities were designed to strengthen their friendship and to develop respect for each other.

The incubator Has provided a major point of interest for the children this month. Several times a day and for many weeks, the children checked the incubators to see how the caterpillars were changing over time. Three weeks ago, they noticed a change to the caterpillars as they matured and transformed into cocoon and last week, after four weeks of anxious waiting, one of the cocoon turned into a beautiful yellow butterfly. Later, we found out the butterfly’s name is Yellow Cabbage butterfly. The children were very excited as they watched the butterfly fluttering inside the incubator. We took the incubator outside, opened the lid and let it fly away.

Santiago was interested in the book “The very hungry caterpillar”, we talked and read in the group time a lot. We also expanded this experience to the art activities making caterpillar from the new egg carton and Clay play.

In the next couple of weeks, the children will learn more about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Mariam, Jenny and Heidi