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Hello Parents,

We would like to begin by wishing, Dean, Stephanie, Milla, Artemis and Maria all Happy 4th Birthdays!!!
We hope that they had a good time celebrating their birthdays and opening their presents.

We have had a busy start to Term 2. The children have been engaging in a new program filled with fun and exciting activities. The first week of Term 2 saw us reflecting on ANZAC day and what it means to us as individuals as well as a country. We read stories about soldiers and ANZAC day and spoke about the medals that the soldiers wear on their uniform and the importance of the ANZAC day march. We spoke about why boys had to go to war and how today when the march is happening some of the soldiers are there as well as their children and their great grandchildren.

Show and Tell has begun in the kinder room and children are enjoying standing in front of their friends and talking about what they have bought in from home. The children are learning to respond to questions when they are being asked, and the children who are asking the questions are also learning to wait their turn as well as being able to ask questions or make statements about their friend’s toys.

We have begun teaching the children the phonics song as well as about Healthy eating. The children spend time each day with Belinda during group times learning a different letter of the alphabet every day. We write on our alphabet window, words that begin with the letter that we are learning and we also play a phonics game where the children have to identify the pictures associated with letters. So far we have learnt A – D. Children have also been receiving their copies of the phonics song, so if your child doesn’t have one yet please ask Belinda for one.

The children also began learning about Healthy eating and the human body. We purchased a Torso for the children and educators to learn about the different organs in our body and the important roles that each one of them holds. We have also read stories about the heart and lungs as well as the brain. These stories challenge children’s thinking and get them to participate in small tasks. Further into the month of May we will be exploring healthy food pyramids and discussing the foods which are good for our bodies and the ones that are special occasion foods.

Upcoming events for the Kinder Room:

14th May Yogafun are coming to teach the children the importance of exercise and challenge their cognitive and gross motor skills.

18th June the children who are in on Wednesdays will be going on an excursion to Essendon Traffic School (weather permitting). Please return your child’s permission form by Friday 7th June. If you are volunteering your time to come with us please return your volunteer form as well as a copy of your working with children’s check.

Please remember that although the cooler weather is upon us we still go outside (weather permitting) with the children so could you please ensure they come to kinder with Jackets and beanies to help keep them warm.

Thank You

Belinda and Naz