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Hello families,

We would like to wish Xaidie, Zahra, Ada, Jairaj and Luca all Happy 4th Birthdays!!! We hope that they enjoyed spending their days with the friends at kinder celebrating and having cake.

The beginning of March saw the children engage in Pancake Cooking for Shrove Tuesday. We made savoury pancakes which we had for lunch. We were lucky enough to have Kalissa (a parent) help with the cooking. The children were put into four groups and each group had their own ingredient. We made cheese, garlic, carrot and sweet corn into the mix. Then Belinda and Kalissa cooked the pancakes and the children ate them all up. YUM YUM YUM!!!

Library also began this month and so far has been a huge success. The children have been enjoying borrowing books from the kinder room. It seems that Parents are also enjoying the opportunity to read different stories with the children; we have also had some parents rating the books. Thank you to everyone who has participated and provided feedback. Please remember that the library books are due back weekly. Your children won’t be able to borrow new books until the books have been returned.

The chicken hatching program has been running over the past two weeks and we have been fortunate enough to have all ten eggs hatch and to find homes for them with our families. The first few eggs hatched over night on the Wednesday and the children were lucky enough to experience three chickens hatching while we were in the room. The children enjoyed watching the eggs crack and learning how the chickens make their way out of the eggs. All of the children have also been lucky enough to have a hold of the chickens and have their photos taken with them.

If you haven’t provided a family photo yet it is not too late to contribute to our family tree. Please hand your photos to any of the girls in the room.

Thank you to all the parents who came to our parent teacher interviews. They have been very productive. Please remember that if at any time you wish to speak to Belinda you can make a time with her. There will be an opportunity at the end of every term to meet with Belinda as well.

Term 2 will see the children taking part in health month which will happen in May. We will be looking at the Healthy Food Pyramid and discussing foods which are good and bad for our bodies. We have the dentist coming on the 6th May and also a Yoga incursion during this time. We are also looking into doing an incursion on healthy eating which will include children exploring their senses as well as physical activity.

We would like to wish all our Families a Happy Easter and safe holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 2.

Thank you

Belinda, Kamal and Naz