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The children have been learning the alphabet letters C and D over the past month. They have been pasting coloured papers and glitter onto the large C’s and D’s. We are displaying them in the room then sending them home so parents can use them at home. Thankyou to Prue for the positive feedback on the educators teaching the children the alphabet.

The children have been growing grass seeds, Sue encouraged the children to plant the seeds into a cup and the children have been watering them throughout the week. Now four weeks later the grass has grown long and the children will be able to take them home.

We have also been learning about the very hungry caterpillar, counting the different fruits and food he eats along the way before turning into a beautiful butterfly. The Bear Hunt has been very successful as the children have learnt the concepts of under, over and through. For Group time we are currently reading the book ‘Who’s Teeth’, ‘Who’s Tail’ and ‘Who’s House’. This is teaching the children about different body parts and where different animals live.

We are asking our families if you have any medium sized glass jars that you can bring in for the educators to use in the room. We would also ask parents if you have any flowers that the educators can press into a flower press for our program next month.

We have setup a camping area within the room, as we have had many of the children talking to the educators about going camping with their family. We have setup a campfire and a bbq and now added a fishing pond area to the area.

We have had Iris our student in the room and while Iris has been here she has been learning how to observe the children, learning to read stories to the children and setup experiences for the children to explore. Iris has been teaching and showing the children the ‘Panda Song’ on her Ipad. The children have shown great interest in the song. They have also been able to play musical instruments while listening to the Panda Song.

The Busy Bees have been doing individual family paintings of their own families onto material. The educators have then framed the paintings and labelled them and displayed them up on the wall within the room, please feel free to look at them when you drop off your child or when you pick them up. We have some great artists in the Busy Bees Room.

Toilet training is going very well, we have now only a few children wearing nappies for sleeptime/rest time. Just a reminder please make sure you have a few changes of clothes in your child’s bag and a pair of spare shoes as well.

We hope all our children have a safe and happy easter.