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Hello to all,

Last month, the children had lots of fun in the Duckling’s room, bonding with each other through educational play.

In the last few weeks, the weather has been very kind to us and we were able to take the children outside and stay for longer periods even having lunch. The children have been having a great time using the new climbing frames outdoors.

We have focused our efforts on providing the children with lots of opportunity to be independent and to do things for themselves, especially when it comes to dressing, making beds and toileting.

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have shown interest in a number of things such as:

  • Henry is showing interest in train tracks.
  • Most of the children are enjoying feeding and playing with guinea pigs. So educators expended this experience to watch and touch the little baby chicks from the kinder room.
  • Holly is showing interest in farm animals, after she visited her grandparent’s farm, and the children are learning the names of the special houses that the animals live in.
  • Amelia k, Holly, Isa, Aralyn, Emily are showing interest in cutting paper, this will help them improve on their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination skill as well.
  • Tyler is showing interest in playing in the sand pit, exploring his sense of touch and discovering the texture of the sand.
  • Isa is fascinated by blowing bubbles and watering the garden.
  • Gabby likes to pretend to feed animals using play food from the home corner.
  • Liam and Max have formed a great friendship.

We have all been very busy over the past few weeks with small group art experiences, allowing the children time, space, using open ended materials and guidance to create beautiful works of art. Keep a look out for these art pieces displayed around the room and we are also working on our Easter art!

We are still working very closely with those parents whose children are still going through the process of toilet training, and if you need any extra information or more help in this area please don’t hesitate to approach any of us.

Enjoy your Easter break with your families.

Thank you

Heidi, Jenny and Mariam