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Kinder – March Update

Hello Families,

We would like to wish Max, Kaan, and Oscar all happy 4th Birthdays!!! And Nicholas B a happy 5th Birthday!!! We have a wall in the room where we display photos of your children’s birthdays when they are celebrated in Kinder. Please be sure to check them out.

The children are settling well into the kinder room with old friendships being re-established and new friendships being made. We have been focusing on learning each other’s names at group times by signing a song “I wonder what your name is”.

We are continuing to learn the routines of the room and establishing the children’s independence and self-help skills. The children are encouraged to apply their own sunscreen before going outside to play and they are also encouraged to fill their own drink bottles as well as serve their own food at meal times.

The children have also been learning “A Sailor went to see” with Belinda, which has taught them rhythm as well as how to follow instructions. There are five different movements which the children do while singing the song. Naz and Kamal have also been engaging the children in Yoga in the afternoons which they are enjoying.

Please read the daily dairy which is kept near the sign in book, to see what the children have participated in during the day.

This month we had a visit from Barbara from Coburg Library. She came and read some books to the children, as well as singing songs and using puppets to tell a story. The children particularly enjoyed the “Owl babies” story as Barbara used her puppets to help to the story and afterwards the children were allowed to have a turn.

A couple of reminders to parents that Take Home teddy has started and there is a sign on the door informing parents of each child’s turn as well as when the teddy is due back. We are also still asking for family photos to be bought into the room, so that we can display them on out family tree. If you have not bought a photo in, please feel free to bring one in.

We will also be starting Derby Street Kindergarten Library on the 7th of March and ask that parents please provide a pillow case or book bag so that your child can borrow a book. Books are to be returned on your child’s last day for the week. I.e. if your child’s last day is a Wednesday then they will borrow a book on this day and return it the following Wednesday. All books must be returned before your child is able to borrow another.


Thank you

Belinda, Nazneen and Kamal