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Kinder – December Update

Hello Parent’s,

We would like to begin our final newsletter for the year by thanking all our families for allowing us into their children’s lives and being able to play apart in who they have become today.  We are going to miss them when they venture off to school and wish them luck and happiness.

We wish Grace,  Malika and Nandan  all happy 5th Birthdays and we hope that they enjoyed their special days.

Our excursion to Werribee Zoo, was enjoyed by all that attended.  The children were very excited to see the animals from an open range bus.  We were split into two groups for our safari tour. The children particularly enjoyed the Camels, Zebras and Giraffes.  After lunch we split into two groups again and went for a walk to find hippopotamus’s, lions, African Wild Dogs, Meerkats and Small Monkeys.  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help. We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.

Kinder graduation is our final big event to take part in for the children.  We have been practising very hard on our special presentation and can’t wait to share it with our families.

Over the last two weeks of term we will be handing out the children’s portfolios as well as some other bits of work we have had within the room.  Please see staff on your child’s last day so that we can hand their bags containing their belongings to you.

Finally we would like to wish our families who have been a Derby Street for many years and won’t be returning in 2014 Farewell.  Thank you for allowing us to share in your child’s lives and trusting us with them on a daily basis.  We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to a visit every now and then.


Belinda, Julie and Nazneen