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Busy Bee’s – December Update

How fast the year has come to end, and how much have the Busy Bees Children enjoyed their time spent in the Busy Bees!!!

Throughout the year we have been focusing on developing and strengthening the childrens independence, social and communication skills to prepare them for the years to come.

And we are proud to say that over the last couple of months we have been able to observe the children engage in play together, displaying all sorts of skills, such as wonderful sharing and  negotiating behaviours, consideration towards others feelings, inclusive behaviours and just beautiful conversations throughout the many activities that the children have engaged in.

The children have showed an understanding of what it feels like to belong, by constantly greeting and farewelling their peers in the mornings and evenings and by being able to participate in a variety of group experiences that aim to allow the children to achieve an outcome together, such as group construction, group art experiences, Bingo and floor puzzles.

Thankyou to all of the families for your support throughout the year and for all the kind donations that were given to us. We hope you enjoy learning more about your childs year by reading their individual learning journals that inform you of their progression during their involvement in the Busy Bees program.

Throughout November and December we have enjoyed participating in decorating our room with Christmas Decorations! We have made Christmas Trees, dressed up as Santa and made decorations for out Christmas tree. We have also enjoyed playing Christmas Bob Down and singing Carols such as Jingle Bells, Santa Clause is Coming to town and We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!!