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Busy Bees – September/October Update

During the month of September the Busy Bees children have been involved in wonderful activities which have allowed them to develop skills and knowledge through play.

The children have been engaged in several Sensory experiences which have allowed them to discover a variety of textures such as sand, plasticine and play dough. All these materials have given the children the opportunity to experiment with moulding different shapes and creating many objects. The most popular object that the children have been seen ‘cooking’ is beautiful birthday cakes.

During the month of September the children were offered a cooking class….where we learnt how to make Pancakes….just like the ones that we loved reading about in our Sesame Street Book! We mixed together ingredients such as eggs, flour and coloured sprinkles and watched as the wet ingredients combined into the dry ingredients to form our batter! The best part of this learning experience was being able to eat what we had created….pancakes topped with delicious fruit!

Over the past few weeks the children have shown a wonderful interest in Puzzles! This began with the Space Puzzle! A large floor puzzle of the Solar System which a lot of the children have now mastered! To extend on this current interest we have introduced some challenging puzzles within our plan so that the children can enjoy concentrating and focusing on being able to complete a set task and to also allow them to make choices as to which puzzles they would like to complete.

Just a couple of reminders….please provide your child with a wide brimmed sun hat as our Sun Smart policy begins this month. [Derby Street Enrolment Handbook – Page 9].  Can parents also ensure that their child has a water bottle each day especially as we are heading towards warmer weather.

Thanks, Nisha and Katie