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Ducklings – August Update

Happy Birthday to Tobias, Emily and Amelia P.

We would also like to welcome our students into the room, Kim, Roohi and Katrina. They have been fantastic in the room and have made some strong friendships with the children.

During the past few weeks when we have been able to go outside we have been cleaning the yard up, and slowly getting it ready for fun adventures and exploration when the weather warms up. This is an exciting time for educators as we have begun to create a secret fairy path for the children to explore and play in. Brooke and several of the children helped create this space and Brooke used one of her many skills as a carpenter to cut some wood with a hand saw. The children thought this was fantastic and in no time Brooke had an audience of children.

We are also excited about the small garden we have introduced to the children. With time, we aim to slowly add more plants to extend the children’s knowledge on how plants grow, what’s needed to keep plants healthy and alive, the life cycles of growing our own produce and even growing food to feed to our furry guinea pig friends! How exciting!

If families have ideas or suggestions on our new pathway or garden, please feel free to add your input to help create our outdoor play spaces for your children.

We have also introduced some puzzles of varying difficulties to allow for each child to move at their own pace in exploring and problem solving while playing. We can see a large jump in all the children’s development in regards to their cognitive skills with puzzles. Most of the children have been bold in attempting a more challenging puzzle, either with more pieces, different shapes or sizes (such as large floor puzzles) and interesting pictures.

All families are welcome to take the Guinea Pigs home for the weekend. They are not much trouble! They are generally happy to stay in their cage and are great weekend pet. Please let us know if you would be interested in caring for them.