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ACECQA [Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority] Conference

Julie I attended the ACECQA conference in Sydney on the 12th and 13th September. It was the first conference held by ACECQA with an attendance of about 900 people. We had the opportunity to listen to some amazing presenters on the topics of:

  • The Challenge of Change, Presented by: Karen Schmidt
  • Leadership (Leading the way): Presented by Paul Porteous
  • Overcoming obstacles: Presented by Khoa Do
  • The future of Australian Families: Presented by Mark McCrindle

During breakout sessions we heard from other services and the journeys they have embarked on, how to enable critical reflections, what is expected of us through the validators eyes and what an Excellent centre looks like.

One of the big things that we came away with is WHY we feel we have to do everything for children. WHY can’t they choose where and when to sleep and eat, WHY they cannot serve or even make their own lunch.

During the next couple of months we are hoping to have the children serving themselves during meal times (morning, lunch and afternoon tea). Having the children collecting their own beds, placing them were they would like to sleep, making and then putting away when they wake up.

This may seem like a big change for the children and the staff but in turn it will give the children ability to start to make choices for themselves.

If there is anything you would like to see the centre doing with your child, whilst they are in our care, please feel free to discuss with myself or Julie.

We will be discussing the conference and what we could do to improve the centre with staff at the next staff meeting.