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Tiny Tots – August Update

Dear parents and families

First, we would like to welcome Sam to the Tiny Tots room. He is having a wonderful time with his Educators and the Tiny Tots children.

We also would like to say Happy 1st birthday to Addison and Quinton and Happy 2nd birthday to Aralyn. We hope you enjoy having a great birthday.

Last month, Kelly had a holiday to America for 3 and half weeks. When she came back, she shared amazing stories with us. We also would like to thank Mariam and Anu who worked with us while Kelly was away.

This month, we have noticed that many children are starting to build friendships with each other. When children and parents arrive at the Centre, the children love to say “Hello” to their friends. When they leave children said “Good bye” and wave to them.

The children have also been improving their language and communication skills. Amelia and Edison can talk with a full sentence, and many children can use a single or two words like ‘water, mine, milk and more’.

We have two students (Daniela and Daniel) in the Tiny Tots room, please welcome to them as well.

Thank you.

Tiny Tots staff Kelly, Sharni and Jenny