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Busy Bees – August Update

We are having such a great time in the Busy Bees room. A lot of our children have started to write their own names or the first letter in their name. Such a great achievement and we are so proud of them! We also completed our family tree, with children doing their own drawings of their family members. Please feel free to come and have a look. Our “show and tell” is going really well. The children have been great at remembering to put their “special something” in the “show and tell” box. It has been great to see the children’s confidence at speaking in front of their friends improve every time it’s their turn. We are continuing to restrict the item to just “one” per child as we have at least 5 children doing show and tell every day.

We have also been doing group puzzles on the mat, which has been working really well. It is wonderful to see the children sharing the puzzle pieces and working together as a team. We haven’t been going outdoors after the children have had their afternoon tea because of the weather – however, this has encouraged us to have many indoor group games such as musical chairs, bob down and freeze, which they all love. We are also seeing a competitive side in some of our children!

Katie and Nisha