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Kinder – August Update

Hello Parent’s,

We would like to wish Olivia a Happy 4th Birthday and Lily, Nina, Lucas P, Charlie and Hollie all Happy 5th Birthdays and we hope that they all enjoy their special days.

The past couple of months have been busy in the kinder room. The children have been engaging in new challenging experience such as sequencing; which encourages them to put different scenarios into order. We have been doing this in both large and small groups and many of the children have enjoyed being the ones to solve the puzzle. We have also introduced technology into the room in the form of computers. These offer the children a paint program and Word program, which encourages their letter identification. Many of the children have learnt to operate the computer with no or minimal adult assistance.

We have had a visit from Wendy who is a paramedic and she bought an ambulance with her. Wendy showed the children the inside of the Ambulance and spoke to them about the different equipment which they carry. Wendy took them to the back of the ambulance first and showed them the bed, spinal board and scoop, neck braces and boards they use to slide patients onto the wheelchair. She then took them around to the side of the Ambulance and then showed them the defibrillator, medicine chest, and the wheel chair and some children were able to have a turn at being pushed on the wheelchair. The children were then shown the oxygen tanks and then given the opportunity to have their photos taken in the driver’s seat and then on the bed. Wendy took the Ambulance back to the base and returned to talk to the children about what she does and about calling 000. She bought some equipment in with her which she left with the children to use in their own doctors area. She showed them two different types of oxygen masks, a medicine whistle, a stethoscope, how to bandage a head injury, how to use a neck brace as well as testing their eyes with the torch and lucky last how to use a leg splint. The children then went off to their doctor’s area when Wendy had finished and practiced using the equipment which she had left.

The children also had a visit from Responsible Pet Program. Andrea began by speaking to the children about the differences between dogs and humans. She explained that when a dog reaches 18mths old they are considered to be an adult and that children when they are 18mths old are toddlers. She asked the children’s questions such as “how many legs do dogs have?” “How many legs do we have?” Do we have hair or fur?” She showed the children some pictures of dogs and explained when it is and isn’t okay to approach a dog.

Andrea explained to the children that she has a golden rule when dealing with children and dogs. Her rule is “NO OWNER, NO LEASH, NO TOUCH”. She reiterated this with the children constantly during the session.

Andrea spoke about when we shouldn’t approach a dog such as when they are eating, sleeping, feeling unwell or when they have puppies, as these times they be more inclined to bite or growl at you. She showed the children what to do when a dog does begin growling. She demonstrated standing completely still, hands straight down by your side and head tucked into our chest and then slowly walk backwards and away from the dog.

She then demonstrated what we should do if we want to approach a dog who is with its owner and on a leash. Each child was provided with the opportunity to walk to a stop sign and ask “Can I please pat your dog?” Andrea then said “yes” and the children approached the dog with a closed fist and allowed the dog to sniff their hand before moving to the side of the dog and patting him.

On Monday 12th of August we had a visit from VIC Roads and Thingle Toodle. They came and spoke to the children about road safety. The session was very engaging as “The Professor” asked children plenty of questions about crossing the road and when they should cross the road. The children were able to identify that before they can cross road they needed to STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK and hold an adults hand. The children were then asked to teach Thingle Toodle about crossing the road, so that he could blow out the candle on his birthday cake. We all enjoyed interacting with Thingle Toodle and The professor. Once Thingle Toodle was able to cross the road safely he was also able to have the children sing Happy Birthday to him and blow out the candle on his cake, which meant that he had turned four.

At the beginning of Term four the parent’s will be given the parent section of their child’s school transition statement to take home and return to Belinda. Information for this will follow. We will also be having two excursions in Term four and the Kinder Graduation. We will be looking for parent volunteers for the excursions and information will be handed to parents before the end of term for this.


Belinda, Naz and Julie