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Kinder – June Update

Hello Parents from the Kinder room,

Happy 4th Birthday’s go out to Zane and Layelle and we would like to wish Happy 5th Birthday’s to Sienna, Annie, Aiden, Lucas W, and Matisse.  We hope that they have enjoyed and will enjoy their special days!!

We also welcome, Charlotte into the room and hope she enjoys being in the kinder room.  We welcome back Ashvin who has joined us after being on holiday in Sri Lanka.

The past couple of months have seen the children engage in Show and Tell.  The children have been bringing in toys, books and photos from home and then standing in front of their friends and discussing what they have bought in with them.  Their peers have also been offered the opportunity to ask questions about their show and tell object and the children are asked to select who can ask them questions.  This will continue into Term Three.

Term Three also sees Take Home Teddy Starting.  At the beginning of your child’s time in the kinder room, parents were provided with a roster for this.  Please check your roster for your child’s turn.  We will also place a copy of the roster on the sign in area.  Families will be sent home with the teddy and an exercise book where they can add photos and document what they do with the teddy. The children will then reflect on this during group times.

On Thursday 6th June 2013, we had a visit from Kirsten and her Wild Action Animals.  The kinder and busy bee children sat and engaged in a hands on learning experience about a variety of Australian Animals.   Each child was very brave and was offered the opportunity to handle an animal with the help of Kirsten and the educators.  The animals which Kirsten bought with her were a shingled back lizard, sand monitor, black headed python, olive python, green tree frog, tawny owl, wallaby, dusky antechinus (related to the Tasmanian devil) and a salt water crocodile.  The children were educated about what the animals eat and the difference between carnivores and herbivores.  Kirsten also spoke about predators the animals may come into contact with.   Kirsten explained the difference between mammals, marsupials and reptiles as well as what it means to be cold blooded.  As she spoke about the animals, she demonstrated to the children how to pat the animals safely and then she walked around for everyone to get a closer look and a feel.

We have also begun discussing Road Safety, Stranger Danger and General Safety with the children.  We had a visit from Lisa Florence who is a Victorian Police Officer and she spoke to the children about Road Safety; wearing seat belts, crossing roads and exiting cars.  She also spoke about Stranger Danger and that Police are friends who can help when children need them.  She also provided some hats and tops for the children to dress up in.  We also had Bronwyn Barwick who is a registered nurse come and speak to the children about what do to if they have an accident or if someone around them does and how to call 000. During Term 3, we will continue our safety talks and will teach the children their addresses and when to give their address to people.

Parents will be offered the opportunity to meet with Belinda within the first two weeks of Term 3 in regards to school readiness and any other concerns or suggestions you may have.

Thank you

Belinda, Nazneen and Julie J