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Busy Bees – June Update

In the Busy Bees room we have been very busy playing, and engaging in a variety of activities and experiences. We have set up “Our House”, which includes a couch, a television, a kitchen, dolls, prams and vacuum cleaners! We have enjoyed taking on a variety of roles such as the Mum, the Dad, the Baby, the Cleaner, the “Cooker” or a pet  in this dramatic play area. To continue the theme of “Families” we have decided to create a family tree within this area, so please feel free to come and place a photo of your child’s family/pet on our tree!

During this month, the children have shown a great interest in ‘animals’!  We have a jungle set up for the children, however they decided that they wanted to go to the farm, so we incorporated this expression of interest into the plan as well. Another example of Child Input into the Busy Bees plan was when Educators noticed children using sticks in the outdoor stream. They were using them to go fishing in the stream! We then created a beautiful pond area with fish and fishing rods where the children can now engage in this fantastic interest within their indoor setting.

We have noticed that children have still been bringing some toys with them to Kinder. Thank you to all the parents who have encouraged the children to leave these special belongings in their child’s locker. To extend this popular interest for the children we have decided to begin a ‘Show and Tell’ Roster! Please check the roster displayed on the Busy Bees front door. Your child will need to place their 1 item for ‘Show and Tell’ in the container provided. These toys will be kept in the store room for the remainder of the day and only brought out for ‘Show and Tell’ time.

We have enjoyed watching as the children have learnt some new songs, including A Rum Sum Sum and A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea! If there are any songs that your children love please feel free to let us know so that we can include this into our Music And Movement program.

Thank you, Katie And Nisha.