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Ducklings – June Update

Dear parents and families,

This month we have been very busy with our art and craft, and the children have shown a great interest in painting.  We have tried painting with many different colours which has helped the children recognise colours.  We have painted with thick and thin brushes and introduced finger painting, to further extend on the children’s interests. You can see our paintings on the art wall outside our room.

This month we had the chance to bake a cake. The children absolutely loved being involved in the preparation, and the process of making the mixture, baking and topping of the cake. We would love to continue cooking with the children.  If parents and families have any simple recipes that they would like to bring in, we would love to do some more baking with the children.

Over the last few weeks we have had students in our room.  In August one of our students will be back for her block placement which means she will be here all week for a few weeks. We have also had a year 10 student doing work experience. Thank you to everyone for making the students welcome within our room.

Thank you and kind regards

Duckling’s staff