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Tiny Tots – June Update

We would like to start by wishing James and Mikayla a happy 1st birthday.

This month has been very exciting for the staff and the children because of the new equipment and the changes in the room. The cube has been a major hit with everyone, especially James, Addison, Grayson and Quinton. We would like to thank the management & committee for all our new equipment.

We have started to introduce group art and sensory experiences in the room. Amelia, Gabby, Zach, Holly and Tristan are some of the children who really enjoying, mixing, touching, and swirling thick paint and exploring the sensory experiences.

Overall, the tiny tot children have been forming wonderful friendships. We have been encoraging children to interact with each other by providing lots of opportunities to engage in a variety of group experiences and encourage shared play and bonding. We often get the chance to see the ducklings room Guinea pigs. The children love to see them and watching us feed them.

Lastly, we say goodbye to Emily and Tobias who have moved up to the Ducklings room from the start of june. We miss them in our room.

From Tiny Tots staff Kelly, Julie, Shani and Jenny