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Kinder – April Update

Hello Parents from the kinder room,

Happy 4th Birthdays go out to Alessio, Zoe, Jacob, Christian, Jack, Daniel F, Lucy, Felix and Angus. We hope that they have enjoyed their special days!!!

We also welcome, Zain, Angus, Cooper, Olivia, Tara and Daniel M into the room and hope they enjoy being in the kinder room.

Congratulations to Alexia and Emma who have become big sisters. We hope that their families and they are adjusting well to the new additions to their families.

This month has seen the children begin the literacy part of the Kinder Program. Each week the children are introduced to a different letter and the sound in which that letter makes. As a group we sit down and think of words which begin with the letter of the week and practice sounding these words out using the sounds of the letters. Once we have gone through the 26 letters of the Alphabet we will be learning the phonics song and also incorporating literacy games into the program. We already have magnetic letters in the room, which the children have taken an interest in and used them to spell their names and their family members names.

We have also been running “Health Week” with the children. We have a Healthy Food Pyramid up on the window which we have been adding our pictures which the children cut out at home. We have been discussing what healthy eating means to us:

“Healthy eating helps you get energy” – Felix

“It makes you grow big and strong” – Lucas P

“If you don’t eat good foods, you get sick” – Annie

We have also discussed what unhealthy eating means to us:

“To many sweets make you teeth fall out” – Emma

“To many treats make you sick” – Inka

The children also enjoyed a visit from a local dentist who came and spoke to the children about taking care of their teeth by brushing them twice a day. We also spoke about what foods are good for our teeth and which ones aren’t. The children were provided with the opportunity to ask questions to the dentist and tell them what their favourite foods were to eat. The children also listened to a story about healthy teeth. The dentist also counted the childen’s teeth while the children counted “Huff” the dragons teeth.

As part of our “Healthy Eating Week” the children also made Vegetable soup and had it for lunch. Belinda cut the vegetables up and the children took responsibility for pouring the vegetables into a large mixing bowl. They placed a variety of garden vegetables into the rice cooker and created an aromatic and scrumptious soup.

Thank you

Belinda, Nazneen and Julie J