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Ducklings – April update

This month has been very exciting with a lot of new changes in our room. We have begun making our room more of a natural environment ranging from using wooden logs as seats to decorating our room with plants.

Sue has gone to a lot of effort to make our family tree. We are asking parents to bring in family photos that we can share with our whole room on our family tree.

We have some special new friends within our room,  they are Guinea pigs! We were lucky enough to be allowed to have a pet that’s more hands on, Louise kindly went down to the pet shop and picked up our friends last week. Our friends still haven’t got a name but we would like to say thank you for all the name suggestions please keep them coming we will be naming our guinea pigs next week.

Sue was our lucky staff member to take our Guinea pigs home over the weekend and her children had so much fun with our new friends taking care of them and giving them cuddles , if any parents within the centre would like the opportunity to take our friends home over the weekend please let us know. They will be sent home on Friday with all their equipment and food supplied and if they can be brought back on Monday.

Within our group times at the moment we are teaching the children their basic colours the children are doing extremely well and are learning very fast, the most popular songs at the moment are “zoom, zoom”, “baa, baa” , “leo the lion” and “5 cheeky monkeys”.

We would like to say a big thankyou to all the families for their input within our program, we have had a lot of families come in saying what their children’s interest are at the moment at home this allows us staff to incorporate this into the room.

Thank you for all the support and input so far into the year we appreciate it very much.

Kind regards and many thanks

Ducklings staff