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Tinty Tots – April Update


We have been very busy in the tiny tot’s room over the past couple of weeks making our Mother’s day gifts. We hope that you all liked them as the children did most of the work themselves and we hope that you all had a lovely Mother’s day.

The children have been very interested in playing peek-a-boo lately and will play it with scarves, blankets or the helmets that we have out. They get very excited and often initiate this game to be played.

We are constantly trying to change the room and activities within it, to accommodate the children’s interests and development levels. We are starting to have sensory activities out now such as play dough, which the older children are enjoying very much. They are starting to participate in things like painting and pasting activities as well as drawing on paper. Group times have been very popular lately with the children all starting to be able to sit and join in with the songs being sung and listen to a short story.

With the cooler, wetter weather, we have been bringing the slide inside for the children to play on. They really seem to like it and it’s a great way for them to expend some energy.

Finally a very happy 1st birthday to Ivy this month.

From the Tiny Tots Staff.