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Busy Bees – April update…


A very big thankyou to all the families for their enthusiasm for our Traffic School excursion. Without your assistance we would not have been able to have this excursion, so thankyou all very much, from the staff and especially from the children who are very excited!!

Please remember to have excursion forms signed and returned with your payment by May 28th.

We have been participating in Road Safety learning activitiesincluding art work, flashcards and games, such as ‘holding hands to cross the road!’. We will continue these experiences in preparation for our day at the traffic school!

Our grass heads have been an ongoing gardening experience and has allowed us to observe and discover roots at the bottom of our grass head and grass at the top! We have been helping them to grow and they are now ready to go home and live in our gardens! The children will be giving their grass head its first haircut in the coming weeks and then they will be able to take theirs home.

We are planning to create a Dramatic Area in our room which will be a ‘House’. To do this we would love to have your input, such as donations of house hold items that would be used in a kitchen or a living room setting.

And a very big thankyou to all the parents for documenting your child’s adventures with Pet Rock! Pet Rocks Journal will be a permanent resource in our room where the children can share their stories with their friends and staff. If your child would like to look after Pet Rock again please speak to staff to organise this.

Overall the Busy Bees children have been forming wonderful friendships. We have been allowing the children to engage in a variety of group experiences to encourage team work. Our Alphabet Bingo game has been a way of developing this because it allows the children to work with a partner! This has become a popular experience and is an extension of learning from Letter Recognition Activities that have previously been implemented in the Busy Bees Plan. (Name Placemats, Alphabet Flashcards, Letter Tracing).

Thankyou, Nisha and Katie.