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Busy Bees – September update.

More and more Busy Bee children are showing an interest in writing their own name and many are now able to do so. We are encouraging them to write their names at every opportunity so you may see a lot of their work being brought home with their names written by them. We encourage you to continue to talk about words at home and if they ask you how to spell something, to take the time to help them with it.

Our show and tell continues to be very popular; however we are finding some children are bringing things in when it is not their day and then getting upset if we don’t have the time to hear them. If you are unsure of your child’s day, please ask Kelly or Nisha which day it is.

We requested in the last newsletter that summer hats be brought in as our sun smart policy has now come into play. Please ensure that your child has a hat in their bag or in the hat basket.