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Tiny Tots – September update.

We would like to start by wishing Georgia and Natalia a big happy 2nd birthday and Amelia a very happy 1st birthday. It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate these special days with the children and their families at the Centre.

Many of our children are now turning 2 and are at the stage of interacting with others.  This month, staff have spent considerable time observing the children’s development and have reconfigured the room to accommodate their changing developmental milestones. We have set up a toddler program which includes a playdough table, drawing table and a pasting table which will be set up for the entire day and will allow the children to freely explore instead of having to wait until an art activity is set up for them. The children are really enjoying the new room set up.

Art has become a huge part of our day. Our most recent creation has been the Very Hungry Caterpillar and his fruit. The children have made the hungry caterpillar and the fruit that he ate out of cardboard which they then painted. Parents/families are encouraged to come and have a look at the wonderful creations that the children have made. The children have also enjoyed having the book read to them.

Please remember hats for your children as the sun smart policy is now enforce within the room/Centre.