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Kinder – October Update

Hello families,

We would like to wish Koby, Ione, Amelie, Millie and Indie all Happy 5th Birthdays.  We hope they enjoyed celebrating their special days.

The children have had a busy past month.  We have been having Bollywood Dance Session on a daily basis, in preparation for the Kinder Graduation.  The children are really enjoying the dances and it’s good to hear that they are going home and practising what we have been learning.  The children have been learning three dances which they will perform on the night.  This has exposed them to different cultures as well as different types of dance.  They have been learning to count their steps out and have demonstrated to us that they are able to remember the steps and the number of steps which are required during each section of the dance.

The children have been learning new songs as well as learning Makaton sign language with some familiar songs.  Makaton provides the children with basic skills which may be needed to communicate with other children who have additional needs. This reinforces an inclusive environment for all children.

As you may have noticed we have three working computers set up in the kinder room.  Technology plays a part now in everyday life and as part of the Early Years Learning Framework that states “Children use information and communication technologies to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking”. We have chosen to incorporate the computers into the room providing the children with the opportunity to explore concepts such as numeracy, literacy, sequencing, patterning and also matching.  The children have time limits of 10-15 minutes so that everyone has the opportunity to participate.  The children enjoy playing games such as Purple Palace which is a cooking game where they need to match colours and shapes.  They are also able to use the paint program and work for exploring their numeracy and literacy skills. The children are monitored on the computer by staff and the internet has been switched off.

Thank you to all the grandparents who came and celebrated grandparent’s day with the kinder children and staff.  It was out pleasure to give you an insight into your grandchild’s day and to see them at play.  The children really enjoyed sharing in the art experience with you.

In December we will provide the children and their families with the opportunity to bring in their own lunch boxes for lunchtime.  This provides families with the opportunity to become familiar with the routine of lunches and also provides the children with the opportunity to learn to open packets and containers on their own.  Further information will follow within the next couple of weeks outlining the foods which are and aren’t allowed to be bought into the kinder due to healthy eating policies and also allergies.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Transition Statement meetings – Dates to be confirmed
  • Lunch Boxes commence Monday 1st December 2014
  • Kinder Graduation 4th December 2014 at Pascoe Vale North Primary School Hall
  • Excursion to Werribee Zoo – Friday 12th December 2014 (Only for children who attend Fridays)
  • Last Day of Term 4 for Sessional Kinder – Thursday 18th November 2014

Thank you

Belinda, Mariam and Kamal