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Hello Families,

We would like to wish Layelle, Daniel M, Charlotte, Alexander, Cooper, Olivia, all Happy 5th Birthdays and we hope that they enjoyed their special days.

This Term saw a new program introduced and the children are really enjoying being exposed to new experiences. “Let it go” from Frozen is a very popular song and the children have loved using the mirror in the music area to explore their theatrical side while singing. Naz created a Farm area within the room and the children have loved having a barn to explore. Kamal created a Supermarket with the children using upcycled materials. Belinda created a Fairy Garden which the children have enjoyed exploring and creating their own fantasies. Thank you to all the families who have taken the time to come in and look at the activities, we greatly appreciate your feedback about the program which we provide to your children.

Last Term some of the children attended the Essendon Traffic School excursion. They spent time learning about road rules and different crossings before being allowed to ride bikes around the course. A big thank you to the parents who volunteered their time. We will be providing more information about the next excursion which will be happening in Term 4 towards the end of August.

In July the children had a visit from Raylene and her dog Milo as part of the “Responsible Pet Program”. Raylene spoke to the children about dogs and the differences between dogs and humans. She spoke about approaching a dog and when it is and isn’t okay to do so. Raylene explained that if the dog doesn’t have an owner nearby you shouldn’t approach the dog and that you should always ask before patting someone’s dog. She also spoke to the children about dealing with an aggressive dog and what they should do. The children were then provided with the opportunity to practice approaching a dog safely and asking permission before patting a dog. The children really engaged in this experience and it was great to see them relaying the information back to their parents.

During the month of August we will be having “Multicultural Month”. The children will engage in a travel experience as we pretend to visit different countries from around the world based on our cultural backgrounds in the room. We will look at population numbers, flags, and dress attire just to name a few things. The children will also engage in cooking experiences once a week were we will make a lunch from a different culture. The 30th July will see the children cooking Butter Chicken with Naz and Belinda. Please feel free to make suggestions on things we can look at or do involving your cultures at home.

Important Dates to remember:

  • Farewell morning tea for Naz 8th August at 10.15am
  • August – Multicultural Month
  • Essendon Football Clinic – Tuesday 2nd September
  • Father’s Day morning Tea – September 5th

Please remember that although the cooler weather is upon us we still go outside (weather permitting) with the children so could you please ensure they come to kinder with Jackets and beanies to help keep them warm.

Thank You

Belinda, Kamal and Naz