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In the Busy Bees Room, for the month of June we celebrated Isabelle’s 4th birthday on the 25th June and Myla celebrated her 4th birthday in the Kinder Room on the 29th June. We have no birthdays for the month of July.

Over the past month in the Busy Bees Room we had the Post Office setup, where the learnt how to stamp onto paper and envelopes. They also learnt how to post a letter in the room. We thank Wendy, Marlie’s Mum for donating two ambulance workers jackets and a small pencil light for the children to use while playing in the hospital area. All of the children have enjoyed using their imagination and communication skills to tell their friends where the ambulance is taking them.

The children have enjoyed the dressup area, learning to dress and undress the assorted dresses, pants and animal costumes the children have chosen to wear. We have also setup a hairdresser area where the children are exploring combing, brushing and learning to use hair ties. We have setup a home corner area where the children are learning to take turns when cooking and emptying and filling the plates, bowls and trays.

Grouptimes we have learnt the letters H, I, J and now K. we have been revising the alphabet from A through to J and the children are doing very well with remembering A for Apple, Aeroplane. B for Ball, Bus, Banana. C for Cat, Car and Carrot etc… We have taught the children My Pigeon House Song. We have had a couple of children use their initiative and sing my pigeon house song, in front of the group. For the month of June we had LEADER OF THE DAY, all the children had fun with helping staff with grouptimes, singing songs and choosing books for the staff to read. The children learnt to count all their friends before going outside to play and then again before going in for lunch. The children also did dancing, hokey pokey and the scarecrow song. For July we have asked the children to bring something special in for Show and Tell. The children have learnt to listen to the child talking about their show and tell, then their friends put their hands up to ask a question about their show and tell.

Just a reminder if you haven’t brought in your family photo for our Family Tree then please bring it in and give it to staff so they can put it onto our family tree display in the room.

Thankyou Sue and Julie.

Busy Bee Staff.