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Hello to all the families of Tiny Tots room,

This month has been really busy as our babies grow up and reach their new milestones.

We are introducing more natural materials into the room. The children absolutely loved the new natural room setup.

Now that the winter has well and truly arrived, we would like to remind all parents to ensure that their child has suitable outdoor clothing and footwear. It is vital to the children’s learning that outdoor play continues in all weathers.

We would like to wish very happy 1st birthday to our little friends Kaan, Thomas J. & Ken.

We have completed our first term with our friends Ginger and Spike (Guinea pigs) and are looking forward to keeping them for another term because our babies have absolutely loved having them in their room.

Our children are growing up and starting to use their language and little words to communicate. It is an amazing experience to see them growing up day by day and learning new things.

Music in Tiny Tots room is one of the threads that is woven throughout the day. We had a great music session with Georgia and Emily. They both came in Tiny Tots room for great music workshop. All the children and staff loved it and learnt new songs.

We are learning about emotions through different facial expressions. Children love them and it is great experience to watch them choosing the expression and telling how they feel.

Many Thanks Tiny tots