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This month in the tiny tot’s room we have been busy reaching milestones, we have had so many children that have begun walking, children that have begun standing up, crawling and also putting words together, it’s such an exciting experience watching all the children develop and grow.

Due to the weather changing and it being much colder outside its definitely the season for colds so we just ask parents to bring in beanies, jackets, jumpers and warm spare clothes, we will get outside as much as we can but on the days that we can’t get outside we have set up the room to allow us to bring the outside in, this includes bringing the slide in, sand play inside and also allowing the children to climb on foam shapes in our soft fall area, the children are loving the room set up and the experience within.

We would like to wish will a very happy 1st Birthday and also like to welcome Rolaa within our room parents and families would have noticed Rolaa in our room over the last month, Rolaa is one of our educators she does the relieving shift from Tuesday – Friday she is a beautiful lady so whenever you get a chance don’t hesitate to say hello.

As all the families of the centre would have noticed the Tiny tots have had two very special guests in our room over the last month, their names are ginger and spike our centre guinea pigs. The babies have absolutely loved the company of ginger and spike, the children have learnt to care for our animals by feeding them hay/grass, fruit and vegies and even special guinea pig treats. Not only have the children loved having the company of our guinea pigs but the guinea pigs have loved having the company of our tiny tots they are even beginning to follow our room routine falling asleep to the relaxing music at sleep time.

Anytime parents and families would like to have the guinea pigs visit for the weekend please come and see us in the tiny tots and we will put your name down on the roster it is filling up really fast, its so nice to hear and see how much happiness our little furry friends have brought to the staff, children and families of derby street.

With many thanks Tiny tots