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Hi to parents.

Firstly we are pleased to welcome Mikayla and Ivy who joined us in Ducklings room recently, we are certain that they will have a lot of fun with their new peers in our room.

Last month, the children were involved in a lot of fun and learning activities:

  • They visited the kinder room on a number of occasions to check on the chicks that were hatching in the incubator. They patiently waited for the eggs to hatch and they had lot of fun patting and touching the little chicks.
  • They experimented with real cooking. They made biscuits to take to their parents for Easter but unfortunately, they were so excited about making those biscuits that they decided to eat them as soon as they were made.
  • The children were given a bunny template to decorate with glitter and they made Easter baskets and put their chocolate eggs inside them to take home. They also made red poppy flowers using cup cake papers for Remembrance Day.

The children were also involved in their normal daily activities that are designed to improve their physical, social and language skills. These include:

  • Block building – Mathematical goals (spatial concepts, problem solving, balance and weights, cooperation)
  • Balloon rings – Mathematical goals (correspondence counting, patterns, sequencing); Literacy goals (visual motor coordination, left to right concepts)
  • Finger plays and rhymes – Literacy goals (auditory discrimination, phonetic skills, auditory memory, concept comprehension, visual motor coordination, vocabulary development)
  • Concentration game – Literacy goals (visual discrimination, symbolic decoding, visual memory, concept development; Mathematical goals (matching and classification)
  • Drawing and painting – Literacy goals (symbolic representation, visual memory, visual motor coordination, creative expression)
  • Home corner- Literacy goals (cognitive development, language development)

At the moment the children are getting along really well they are sharing with each other. We see

  • Some children are curious about gender, who’s a boy and who’s a girl
  • The children are really enjoying The Wonky Donkey CD and Story book, so much so Amelia K’s parents brought a copy for home.
  • Edison is using Manners all the time, well done Edi!
  • Liam starting to identify his Colours
  • Emily knowing her numbers
  • Gabby able to recognise her name
  • Tyler enjoy bopping up and down dancing to music

We are very excited to receive our new laptops to use for planning and programming and to type our observations to add to the children portfolios.

We ask the parents to let us know, when possible, what their children are interested in while they are at home, so that we can include those interests in our program.

Now that the weather is getting cooler and wetter, please make sure that your child has a jacket in their bag and another set of spare clothes just in case.

Thank you

Mariam, Heidi and Jenny