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Ducklings – December Update

Firstly we would like to wish magical birthdays to the following Ducklings for November, Lucy, Harris, Oliver, Nicolas and Tiyaan and for December Yohan, Jake, Angus, Iv, Indigo, and Max.

During the month of November both the children and educators have worked hard, one on one with each child to create mosaic pavers for end of the year presents. We hope each family enjoy their child’s gift.

All of the Duckling’s room educators, Brooke, Sue, Heidi, Rola, Lisa, Amina and Anu would like to take this opportunity to say a very special thank you to all of our Ducklings families.

Thank you for allowing us to share these very special moments of your children’s and families lives. We all look forward to seeing your children every day, wondering what adventures we will have and what we as educators learn from your children.

During the year we have formed social and emotional bonds with all children, all bonds are different and unique, catering the needs and wants for each individual child. With our knowledge and relationships with each child we have created a warm rich learning and discovering environments for each child and each child’s friendship circle.

It has been a delight to get to know each child, watch every one grow and develop from the beginning of the year (and mid year for those children who joined us then) to the young people they are today. We have shared so much laughter and joy with the children, let’s not forget the occasional tears (which is perfectly normal for this age/stage) that have required comforting.  These emotions and friendships with both the children and families have brought us joy to come to Derby Street every day.

Once again thank you all for trusting us and being able to spend time with your children.

We wish all our families a safe Christmas, jolly holidays and a very happy new year. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2014.

Ducklings Educators .